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We are so excited to welcome you all to St. Anthony's Confirmation program 2019-2020. The Theme this year is Chosen and Called. The Youth of this church are called more than to just sit at mass, or to go through school. Pope Francis when addressing the Youth at World Youth day said, " We don't need Saints who spend all day in church, we need Saints who wear blue Jeans, we need saints who drink coke." We need saints who play sports, go to school, play video games. We need saints who watch movies, who dance, and play art. You are chosen by the Lord and called to be a Saint. Confirmation is about giving you the power and tools to do that. We are excited about the Confirmation program this year. Classes start September 18th!

Confirmation nights

Confirmation Nights are going to look a little different this year. We have three types of Nights we are doing in the program this year.

1) Teaching Nights- During teaching nights twice a month the students will come to class. Those nights will be filled with teaching on the faith, as well as activities, videos, and discussion. These nights are a way for us to get to know the Lord, to get to know the church, and to see the beauty behind our call to Sainthood.

2) Prayer Nights- What good Is a relationship if you never talk to the person? The same is true for God, what good is teaching if we never take the time to talk to the Lord. Once a month during class we will spend the night in prayer. These nights will vary from Praise and Worship, to Adoration, to teaching us how to pray better. This is all about getting to know the Lord as a friend. Allowing Jesus to change our lives.

3) Lifeteen or Edge Nights- The Last week of the month the confirmation kids will be asked to come to Lifeteen (Highschool) or Edge(Middle School). This is so that you can form a church community. We are meant to be in community and friendship, Lifeteen happens on Sunday nights and Edge on Mondays. These nights consist of fun activities, conversation and teaching, but are a nice change of pace to the classroom setting. These also teach us how to make the faith real in our life. 



The Pricing of Confirmation has slightly changed so we wanted to highlight it here...

1 student=$150 

2 Students=$225 

3 Students= $250


***These fees offset cost of materials and supplies. Arrangements can be made for families in need of assistance. No one will be denied instruction for financial reasons. Please make check payable to St. Anthony of Padua Parish. 


To discuss financial burden or for any questions please contact David at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



To Register for the Confirmation program you can download the form below, sign up online below, or pick up a form in the parish office. 

Confirmation Registration (Download)

Confirmation Registration (Online)



To Volunteer to help teach you can download the form below, sign up online below or pick up a form in the Parish office.

 Volunteer Helper for Confirmation (Download)

Volunteer Helper for Confirmation (Online)