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Third Sunday of LentPodcast
by Fr. Felix Lim
How an ancient story about a Samaritan woman who couldn't keep a husband has anything at all to do with our lives, yours and mine.
Date: 3/4/18
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Fourth Sunday of AdventPodcast
by Fr. Felix Lim
Everyone's been wrapped up in wrapping. But I can't help but wonder if we really should be doing is a little unwrapping . . .
Date: 12/24/17
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Third Sunday of AdventPodcast
by Fr Felix Lim
Is there anything that stands in the way of your having the best Christmas possible? Is there a desert, a parched land of sadness, grief or disappointment, that stands between you and the peace and joy of Christmas? Is there a problem, difficulty, anxiety weighing on your heart? Is there a grudge, a resentment, a broken relationship that blinds or deafens or weakens you on your walk through Advent?Does something inside you wait and long to hear some good news?
Date: 12/17/17
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First Sunday of AdventPodcast
by Fr Felix Lim
So, as we enter the season of Advent this weekend with Christmas and New Year just around the corner, I’m wondering what seasons are weathering our souls, yours and mine, this morning? Is it summer, fall, winter or spring in our heart of hearts? Is my heart getting ready for Christmas? Or is it wary of its approach?
Date: 12/3/17
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23rd Sunday in Ordinary TimePodcast
by Fr Felix
Why are we so slow to act, so reticent to speak when we see someone walking into an unhealthy relationship? Why do we keep our mouths shut in conversations in which what we know to be wrong is condoned; what we believe to be false is acceoted as true; what we judge unjust is defended as fair?
Date: 9/10/17
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