Building and Grounds Committee Members

Building and Grounds Committee Members


John Potocny                          (415) 883-8578           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Gleason                          (415) 897-8098           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chris Fehring                          (925) 381-1862           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deacon Joe Brumbaugh         (415) 897-9579           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Buildings and Grounds Committee is trying to be responsive to the needs of the Parish while positioning us for the next 50 years.  If you see things that need to be repaired or upgraded, please let a member of the committee know or send a note to the Parish Office.


Completed Projects

Completed Projects

 Over the past few months the B&G Committee has completed 5 major projects and over 35 minor projects to preserve and enhance our facilities at St Anthony’s.  The significant projects include:

  • Replacing the Hall kitchen floor.
  • Resealing and restiping the parking lot
  • Painting the Church exterior, the Hall trim, the black railings on the property and the Rectory door.
  • Replacing or repairing most of the wrought iron fencing.
  • Replacing the concrete stairs in front of the church. 
  • Moving our flagpole to a lighted area in the small garden by the Hall so that we can proudly fly our nation's flag around the clock.
  • Assisted the Rummage Sale Committee in locating a 40 foot storage container onto the Church property.

Current Projects

We are currently cleaning up and renewing the Rose Garden and outside Stations of the Cross in preparation for our 50th Anniversary Celebration.

 We are in the final stages of selecting a contractor to refurbish the Church bathrooms.  

Future Projects

Future Projects

 For the past few months we have focused projects outside of our buildings.  It was out intention to put more effort inside the Church and Hall in the coming year.  Planning continues for remodeling the Hall bathrooms.  Funding is available for this significant project but we still have to review bids and more importantly find an opening in the busy Parish schedule when we can close these facilities for 4-6 weeks.  Right now we are aiming for late summer to early fall.

  We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about possibly adding a small playground and family gathering area beside the Hall.  Ideas currently being kicked around include a play structure, possibly a small outdoor basketball/volleyball court and an adult sitting area.

 Often the first introduction to St Anthony's is at the Parish Office.  Since first impressions can be critical, we would like to enhance both the exterior and the interior of the Office.  The beautiful exterior door has been restained and refinished.  We will be sprucing up the garden in front of the Office/Rectory by removing some small trees, resodding the lawn, and replacing some of the small shrubs.  Inside we have already painted the small conference room and would like to replace the badly soiled and worn flooring in the Parish Office.

 The 35 year old zoned thermostat system that controls heat in the three priest apartments in the Rectory is failing and needs to be replaced.

Can you lend a hand?

Many of our larger projects require us to bring in contractors with specialized skills and equipment.  There are, however, many opportunities to save money with do-it-yourself projects.  These can also be great Parish bonding opportunities.  In late January, the EDGE students gave us about 60 hours of effort to help clean the Church, replace kneeler feet and several other projects.

The B&G Committee would like to gather a list of names of Parishioners who are willing to lend a hand from time to time with small projects.  When we identify something that needs doing, we will send out a group email to see who is interested, who has the needed skills, who has the time, and who would like to volunteer for that project.  If you are interested, send a short email to any committee member of to the Parish office and we will place you on the list.