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This years Lifeteen Theme is Welcome Home! We want Lifeteen to be a family, St. Anthony’s to be a second home. This is a place where you are welcome, wanted, and cared for, so Welcome Home. Welcome to the Family, we are excited about the events for this year. Below you will notice a Lifeteen calendar that will be updated, links to our social media accounts, and information on Lifeteen and the type of events we do. 

Lifeteen is our high school ministry and youth program for students in 9th-12th grade. Lifeteen is an amazing opportunity to have fun, grow in faith, and created friendships and family that last a lifetime. In the Lifeteen program you are free to come as you are, to be yourself, to learn, to grow, to make mistakes, and to find a relationship with Jesus and the Church. We are super excited about this year and the plans the Lord has for all of us. We are super excited to see you. Welcome Home!


Lifeteen events

All Lifeteen Nights consist of Games, discussions and prayer, but nights will Vary based on topic, event, or type of night. 

Here at Lifeteen, we offer 3 Types of Nights!

  1. Faith Nights: Faith nights consist of teaching the Catholic Faith in a fun and interactive ways. These may involve Bible study, praise and worship, adoration, or talking about different faith topics. Nights such as Why is Mass Important, or Called to be a Saint, are some examples of nights that may be done as faith nights. These are amazing opportunities to grow  in relationship with the Lord. 
  2. Issue Nights: Life is crazy,  this world we live in is broken, hurting, and in need of Love. In school you are swamped with class, sports, family, friends, trying to fit in, have fun, and still get enough sleep to get by. Anxiety, Fomo(Fear of missing out), gossip, social media, dating, fitting in, all of these things cross your mind on a regular basis. We want to talk about it, we want to walk these paths of life with you. Issue nights are fun nights built around talking about the chaos of this world, or about the things going on in your life.
  3. Social nights: Social nights are all about joy. We are a church of joy and we want to enjoy one another. Social nights will consist of video game nights, or bonfires at the parish, we will watch movies, and play games. These nights are all about enjoying one another's friendship. These are a great night to come relax, have a good time, and create friendships that last forever.


Big Events

Lifeteen will also go to big events. Things like the Walk for life, Concerts with Paul J Kim, A catholic speakers and music artist, hikes, trips to the city, retreats, and many other big events offered throughout the year. 


To register for lifeteen please download the form below or register online at the link below.

Lifeteen and Edge Registration (Download)

Lifeteen and Edge Registration (Online)

All college aged students and above are welcome to help serve on the lifeteen Core team, to do so click the volunteer registration Link.

Volunteer Helper Form Lifeteen and Edge (Download)

Volunteer Registration (Online)